Talk of banning dispensaries by some commissioners is at odds with reality.

We heard a passionate presentation from Jessica McCain, a primary care physician who operates Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic in St. Lucie West.

She is one of about 1,000 doctors statewide certified to recommend the use of medical marijuana to the 30,000-pus patients registered to receive it.


McCain kept emphasizing the therapeutic value of marijuana for a range of conditions, including epilepsy, palliative pain and nausea reduction for cancer patients.


Deputy Police Chief Frank Amandro told commissioners his agency’s main concern is maintaining public safety and enforcing the law as it stands. Amandro said after the meeting that McCain and Hawkes had eased some of his concerns about the proliferation of marijuana in the city.


“I learned a lot tonight,” he said. “It was a great educational process. I hope more residents will watch the video of the workshop (at and learn more about medical marijuana.”


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