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Who We Are

Mission Statement: Our goals are to provide the highest quality Medical Marijuana services, including; assistance with steps to obtain a Florida MMJ ID card, a comprehensive patient education experience, dispensary and production information, treatment strategy, and additional services as needed for patient advocacy while also maintaining affordable and predictive costs.

Educational Component: During a certification, every patient receives a comprehensive education on the benefits and risks of Medical Marijuana alongside discussions about dispensary products, state of Florida guidelines, and other common FAQs. Staff is cross-trained to be able to provide qualified guidance.

Patient Advocacy: Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic has been engaging public institutions, the medical community, law enforcement, and civic organizations for the purpose of bringing our society together with a common understanding that Medical Marijuana is beneficial to many individuals and that the Medical Marijuana patient’s dignity should be respected. 


Work Environment

Our practice has always encouraged care for the families of our colleagues and patients. In our practice, we routinely have to help each other out when the unexpected arises.


As a member of the Team, we want you healthy; and we’re willing to invest in your health with flexible options where we cover most of the expenses.

401k Match

You might want to retire one day, and we’d like to help you get there. To help, we provide 401k plans with company matching.

Life Insurance

We want to help when it matters most. We cover your life insurance premium to benefit your loved ones.

Paid Time Off

All members of our Team deserve relaxation, and we want them eager to make a positive improvement when they return from time off.

Educational Investment

Your education is important, and we want to invest in it. Our Employee Educational
Investment program is aimed to further the education of qualified employees.

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