Simple 3-Step Process to Medical Marijuana




Step 1 – Complete Pre-Qualification Survey


Complete our confidential pre-qualification survey and see if you are eligible in less than one minute.


Step 2 – Schedule a Visit



You can call 772-218-7262 or message us through the link Contact us. 

At the first visit you will meet a trained medical marijuana professional who will review your medical history and perform an examination to base qualification per State guidelines.  If you are a candidate, you will be educated about medication and its safe use, as well as the next steps on how to get it.  Our medical visits are affordable and convenient.  View our pricing.


Step 3 – Get Recommendation for ID Card


After a Doctor reviews the history discussed during the visit and compares to previous medical records,* a qualified patient can be issued an ID Card number.           The application and instructions are provided to the patient to be submitted to the Department of Health.  The Physician will enter the medication dosing instructions (called a certification order) so the dispensaries can see the recommendation and discuss more details with the patient about purchase.  Law prohibits Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic physicians from endorsing any specific Dispensary or assist in the transaction of sales.  You may learn more by contacting the Dispensaries, the list of companies are listed on the Department of Health website  

 *please make your best effort to have all records available at the time of the first visit so there is no delay in your application — ask for assistance if needed.






3 Steps to get a Medical Marijuana ID Card:



Pre-Qualify w/

Confidential  Survey


Schedule Visit


Get your ID card

and Medication

Get Started on Your Medical Marijuana Therapy.

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