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Simple 3-Step Process to Medical Marijuana

 We try to simplify what can be a complex process created by the State.  If you need additional help you can call 772-218-7262 or message us.


Step 1 – Complete Pre-Qualification Survey

Complete our confidential pre-qualification survey and see if you are eligible in less than one minute.  We will still need to get medical records to confirm your medical history. 


Step 2 – Schedule a Visit

Our medical visits are affordable and convenient; view our pricing.  You cannot be scheduled until we know medical records are in your possession or previously sent to our office.   

We are not a “Doc-in-a-Box” as our mission for our clinic to have patients be educated, empowered, and comfortable for the greatest rate of success.  We recommend that you watch the educational videos found on our YouTube Channel prior to our appointment.  This will make the office experience more enjoyable and informative as you will be able to build on your knowledge for Cannabis use and your specific questions can then be answered on the spot.    

Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic YouTube Channel:   

Legal paperwork will be initiated allowing you to be issued an Medical Marijuana User ID# for the final application step to obtain a physical ID card from the State. 


Step 3 – Get Recommendation for ID Card

The physician will enter your information into the Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use Registry at the time of the Physician Certification appointment.  This includes input of the discussed treatment plan for the dispensaries’ viewing for future sales.  *Please note if you want to make changes to the orders you will need to have another appointment with the medical assistant to review the new plan and process orders in the State registry.  Orders placed will be for the next 6 months, so please have us select the modalities you would want to try at the certification appointment.

After being assigned an ID # you will need to to finish the State application ($75) with instructions at the DOH website.  It can be done electronically (we recommend) or by paper-mail.


Step 4 – Purchase from the Dispensary/MMTC

With the education and strategy provided by the physician, you will be prepared to purchase various products and experiment with the cannabis medication. Southern Comfort has no role in the sale or administration of the medication.  We are free from any conflict of interest.  The list of dispensaries and their contact information is listed on the DOH website 


What Our Patients Say About Our Care

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They put it all on the table so you have a through understanding of the process, medical benefits, supplier options and pitfalls to watch out for. I could not be happier with their service.

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3 Steps to get a Medical Marijuana ID Card:



Pre-Qualify w/

Confidential  Survey


Schedule Visit


Get your ID card

and Medication

Get Started on Your Medical Marijuana Therapy.