If you’re waving goodbye to winter and migrating south for an extended stay in the sun, chances are you’re familiar with the logistics required to make the trip successful and have everything set up for you down here. If you use medical marijuana (or maybe considering it), certifying for a Florida ID card is just another step…though an important one as it involves your health. Seasonal residents can be approved for a Florida certification.

First, Get Recommended for your Florida MMJ ID card

This process is the same as full-time Florida residents – you have to be recommended by one of our certified physicians.

You can start with a confidential pre-qualification survey. Find out if you are eligible in less than one minute. We will still need to get medical records to confirm your medical history.

Click here to prequalify.

Schedule A Visit

Our medical visits are affordable and convenient; view our pricing. If you do not have your medical records, we can schedule your appointment where we can help you obtain your records and issue the certification orders after reviewing your medical records.

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Our clinic’s mission is to have patients be educated, empowered, and comfortable for the greatest rate of success. We recommend that you watch the educational videos found on our YouTube Channel prior to our appointment: click here to watch our videos. This will make the office experience more enjoyable and informative as you will be able to build on your knowledge for Cannabis use and your specific questions can then be answered on the spot.

Once Qualified, Apply for a Florida Medical Marijuana ID card

After we’ve recommended you for an ID Card our physician will enter your information into the Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use Registry. You will be assigned an ID #. You will then need to to finish the State application to apply for a Florida Medical Marijuana ID card.

Click for information on applying through the OMMU

Proof of Residency for Seasonal Florida Residents

Seasonal Florida residents who do not possess a valid Florida driver license or Florida identification card must submit a copy of two of the following documents:
  • A deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet or residential rental or lease agreement
  • One proof of residential address from the seasonal resident’s parent, step-parent, legal guardian or other person with whom the seasonal resident resides and a statement from the person with whom the seasonal resident resides stating that the seasonal resident does reside with him or her.
  • A utility hookup or work order dated within 60 days before registration in the medical use registry.
  • A utility bill, not more than 2 months old.
  • Mail from a financial institution, including checking, savings, or investment account statements, not more than 2 months old.
  • Mail from a federal, state, county, or municipal government agency, not more than 2 months old.
*For all forms of residency, the name and address on the document(s) provided must match the name and address provided in the application.
seasonal residents can be certified

Additional Information

All caregivers must be added to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry and submit a caregiver application to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use to obtain an identification card. Further requirements of caregivers can be found under section 381.986(6), Florida Statutes.

If you would like more information on medical marijuana certifications for seasonal residents, contact us. We’d be glad to help.