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BY LAW the STATE OF FLORIDA requires 2 visits (aka “Certifications”) per year to maintain ability to purchase Medical Marijuana from a Dispensary! No physician can enter orders beyond 210 days.  Be careful of offices that advertises only annual appointments needed or require fee-based follow up appointments without cause prior to 210 days.  We do not require additional visits in between initial visit and 7 month followup if you feel Cannabis is working well.  Many patients find it helpful to be educated about technique, new products, and ways to save money, which we discuss at consults and each followup visit. 

Note about Consult Appointments:  many patients would say it could take up to a month before feeling comfortable with a daily routine and have goals of care met. So if you find that you are having challenges in coordinating use and not at goal, we advise you to make a consult appointment so we can review all previous attempts and the effects to guide you to success.  We will discuss you current use, strategy to improve effectiveness of Medical Marijuana, technique, new products or dispensary information, and suggestions for next-step product selection.

Any changes to the order set, which is agreed upon at the time of the office visit (ie. addition of new method or adjustment of milligrams), will require a Consult appointment to discuss current use and to update the treatment plans.  We are a medical facility and consider this equivalent to any of your other medications that should have some oversight to improve success rates. This is not only office policy but additional legal paperwork may be required and time to update multiple electronic systems is utilized

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Dr. McCain was fantastic and very informational definitely recommend going to Southern Comfort Medical nice staff everything easily explained and it is the cheapest around

Todd E

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