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Take a look at all the pages on this website which explains the science, the medicine, and the public policy information you need to know as a Medical Marijuana Patient.

 If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or for additional information, please reach out to our medical providers via phone at (772) 218-7262 or through HIPPA secure message via Contact us.  Additional questions will be asked determine your eligibility.  Physicians are certified by the Florida Medical Association to recommend medical marijuana only after patient is seen and examined. 

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We want you to feel well cared for and safe when choosing Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic.  We offer individualized services, so if your questions are still unanswered, please ask so we can share more FAQs for other patients to learn.  

Finally, one of our favorite resources for more education and videos that are wonderful to watch is on the link we shared, www.healer.com.  This site is developed by world-renown Dr Sulak whom our staff has personally met several times.  

How do I go from Pre-Qualifying to getting an ID Card?

We hope you can appreciate that medical marijuana is a new field of medicine (not taught in medical schools), but are well read and becoming experts to explain how it scientifically works for many conditions – it is not a snake oil!

The clinics that help patients with medical marijuana are also a new type of business, and will evolve as the State laws change.  Our goal ultimately, for the medical safety and legality of both the patient and licensed healthcare providers, is to provide quality care that is seamless, efficient, and effective.

Filling out the prequalification survey on our website is a great way to start.  Or you can contact our office directly to schedule an appointment after additional questions are asked.  At the initial visit with the provider and review of your past medical records, it will be known if you are a candidate per current legal guidelines.  If all records are available at this time, you will be given the application to obtain an ID card.  

Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic has the important responsibility of maintaining the certification of your card by registering you into the State-required databases and providing documentation as requested.  Refills will be provided as allowed by guidelines.  Since telemedicine is no longer allowed unfortunately, if additional visits are requested by the patient they will be hosted at our office in Port Saint Lucie. 

Take caution with other companies that advertise similar services.  We pride ourselves in a committed patient-doctor relationship and there is a lot more to the process than getting an application.  We accept responsibility for the year of maintaining your license and provide the important education about how to find the right medication for you and the next legal steps to obtain it.  If these companies are not on-point with recertification paperwork, your ID card may become invalid and subject to additional recertification fees from the State and delay of care.  Southern Comfort is a family-run company with patient’s interests prioritized and we believe in such transparency.


This is a fun question to answer and very misunderstood!  Both are chemical components of medical marijuana that can be used for therapeutic purposes. THC has more psychotropic properties (“the high”) but when used with CBD, together are more tolerable and therapeutic.  See the links in the Resource tab regarding scientific explanations.  Some conditions benefit from specific ratios of these chemicals.  Most people do not realize that you do not have to feel “high” to get the medical benefits of medical marijuana.  Recreational plants are grown to be high in THC, sometimes up to 20+%.  And the synthetic THC called Marinol is 100% THC and causes a lot of people unwanted side effects.  But the medical marijuana that activists have been fighting for may have as little as 0.8% THC and the high CBD levels are really the therapeutic component. 

We will guide you on how to titrate (increase your dose) to find what amount works best for your symptoms- unlike pharmaceuticals there is no standard dose for any person or condition, and more doesn’t necessarily mean better.  Our natural body has an Endocannabinoid system, discovered in 1993, that when it becomes deficient from chronic stress or illness, can be supplemented back with the plants’ equivalent Phytocannabonoids- specifically THC and CBD!

Why not Hemp?

Medical marijuanan is not exactly the same as hemp, although you will find other doctors and businesses trying to sell CBD products extracted from help. First of all, the hemp industry in Florida was never meant to be medicinal, so any product advertised as therapeutic may have variable concentrations of CBD-THC as they are not under the same regulatory scrutiny as the State-approved nurseries. Second, hemp was meant to industrial and food uses, whereas medical marijuana is more medical use- and the science can be easily explained by the difference in the plant. medical marijuana is a very oily plant, with glands called trichomes releasing resins that give the plant its smell and oil that can be extracted for medical properties. Hemp was been interbred for centuries to be used as a textile, paper, and even construction product; its agricultural goal is for the seeds and fibers. It is dry and fibrous- so when CBD is extracted often a number of additional chemical solvents and processes are needed, which can contaminate the end product when that becomes costly and companies are using “cheaper” means to extract. Hemp agriculture also likely has a degree of pesticide exposure by farmers- but that’s not to say medical marijuana is without pesicides. This point is a very relevant issue for all patients who try to get their medical marijuana products outside of Florida- which may pose a health risk. The quality of medical marijuana products in Florida are highly regulated, unlike other states which had needed to recall products after harmful pesticides were used. http://www.naturalnews.com/053957_marijuana_recalls_pesticides_regulations.html. Finally, hemp laws only apply to food and industrial uses, so companies that market it for medical uses aren’t exactly legal; see that legal consideration section below.

What are some legal considerations?

Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic is not a legal attorney group and all information below should be verified by independent consult with your attorney. Below are the interpretations of the current laws by citizens. As the legislation in the State of Florida continue to evolve regarding medical marijuana, information below may become quickly outdated; but we try to continue to revise as new publications are reviewed.

We would like to bring attention to the legal case Conant v. Walters, 2002, with the decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, stating that the federal government could not even threaten to punish a doctor for discussions about the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana, given protection under the First Amendment of Free Speech. To this end, Southern Comfort providers give patient’s documented consults and recommendations, not prescriptions, for the use of medical marijuana nor dispense any products at our clinic. There have been no such criminal or administrative proceedings against doctors to date. (http://american-safe-access.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/conantvwalters.pdf).

Some businesses online and at smoke shops advertise CBD oils for sale. We want you to consider the following technicalities before you invest in products that may be unsafe or put you in legal jeopardy.

First, all CBDs are still a Schedule I chemical designated by the DEA and therefore Federally illegal to possess; there just has been limited persecution of this rule. In Florida, the only acceptable time to possess any CBD products would be with possession of a government issues ID Card that you can get after your visits with Southern Comfort providers. Take extreme caution when purchasing or transporting these products across state lines as even with an ID card you may not be immune to Federal enforcement.

Second, Florida has set up a vertical process for maintaining quality of the products through highly regulated grow-nurseries. Products purchased online or outside of the certified Florida dispensaries may have variable levels of CBD-THC and even pesticides from other states which may not be as highly controlled. This is actually a significant concern as several nurseries have needed to recall their products after patients had adverse effects.

For example, see this link that discusses how Colorado is needing to revamp their regulations: http://www.naturalnews.com/053957_marijuana_recalls_pesticides_regulations.html
*American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP) does not advocate legalization of medical use until “high quality, patient-centered, evidence-based research” supports doing so. These types of research studies are limited by the United States government classification of medical marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. The AAFP has requested that the Food and Drug Administration change medical marijuana’s classification for the purpose of facilitating clinical research. The AAFP opposes the recreational use of medical marijuana, however supports decriminalization of the possession and personal use of medical marijuana and advocates for further research into the overall safety and health effects of recreational use as well as the effects of those laws on patient and societal health.

We will be gathering additional websites under the “other Links” which may be relevant for you to review for additional legal consideration.

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