Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) updated the rules for smokable cannabis purchasing limits. Under the law, patients (and caregivers) are eligible to purchase a maximum of 2.5 ounces in a 35-day period. Previously, that 35-day period was pre-defined. But with this update (from April 2022), the registry started using a rolling period based on purchases.

Think of this rolling limit for smokable cannabis like other medications that are filled at a pharmacy. If you have a prescription for a 35-day supply of medicine, the pharmacist will fill that order, and you’ll be unable to refill that prescription for 35 days. The rolling limit for smokable cannabis is similar and made for similar reasons, to try to prevent misuse.


First, the law.

“When dispensing marijuana or a marijuana delivery device, a medical marijuana treatment center may not dispense more than one 35-day supply of marijuana in a form for smoking within any 35-day period to a qualified patient or caregiver. A 35-day supply of marijuana in a form for smoking may not exceed 2.5 ounces unless an exception to this amount is approved by the department pursuant to paragraph.” Read the law.

Why the change to a rolling limit?

The previous pre-defined 35-day periods were not in line with the law. So the OMMU updated to rolling 35-day periods that are based on patient purchases. Patients are limited to the amount recommended by the physician and the patient’s history at dispensaries.


So what’s a 35-day rolling limit?

Each time you purchase smokable flower, the amount will be subtracted from your available dispensation limit for 35 days. After 35 days, the amount will be added back. Each purchase has its own 35-day schedule.

Let’s say you have 2.5 oz. available at the time of your purchase. You purchase 0.5 oz. That 0.5 oz. will be subtracted from your available dispensation for 35 days. You now have 2.0 oz. available for purchase. After 35 days that 0.5 oz. will be added back to your availability. This 35-day cycle will apply for each smokable flower purchase.

35-day rolling limit infographic

Keeping track of your available limit

There is an “Amount Available Calculation Page” in your profile when you log into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. Here, you can view your dispensation order history, as well as your “Smoking Amount Eligible to be Dispensed.” You can also view when the rolling period will expire.

Click here to view instructions on accessing your Amount Available Calculation Page.

keeping track of your available limit

Who this affects

Patients who purchase medical cannabis flower on a regular basis, especially those patients that have been historically near the limit of their 2.5 oz.