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CBD, CBG, CBDA and Delta 8, and wellness items are available in our clinic. Southern Comfort Wellness delivers natural, safe products supporting whole health while also providing a place where you can supplement medicinal therapy.
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CBD Gummies

CBD, CBDA, CBG, Delta-8

Stay Balanced with CBD, CBDA, CBG, and Delta-8 products for everyday wellness and for supplementing medicinal THC. Wondering which product(s) is best fit for you? Feel free to reach out to our wellness coordinator, or you can start here with this article on the Differences Between CBD, CBDA, and CBG.
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liquid vitamins

Liquid Vitamins & All-Natural Insect Repellant

The ingredients in Buried Treasure Liquid Vitamins are globally sourced from select regions for their quality and specialty. We also carry The Bug Juice, an insect repellant formulated Florida tough that creates a scent and bite barrier that No See-Ums, Mosquitos and other insects cannot bite through.
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A natural progression from our experience in personalized healthcare.

In fact, our experience is the reason we carry these wellness products: they are a continued effort to assist our community. And our team is available to discuss, and answer any questions, you may have.
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Contact our wellness coordinator

Call: 772-617-0424

Email: [email protected]

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You do not need to be a patient to order any wellness products, either online or in our clinic. These natural, safe wellness products are for everyone.

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Your Successful Medical Marijuana Therapy is Our Top Priority

We service a void in medical care, addressed from the perspective of a Family Medicine Physician. Our goal is to give people access to the integrated therapy of Medical Marijuana for their conditions, in a non-judgmental fashion backed by science.

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We're Caring Patient Advocates.
Receive an education on Medical Marijuana therapy, including a comprehensive discussion on the rules, delivery methods and use strategy, for an individualized treatment plan.
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We’ll explore cannabis treatments together to find the best fit for you.
Receive a 210-day legal maximum order duration for Medical Marijuana.
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“Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Process was quick and painless. They always have the latest updates on new dispensaries and the discounts to match… great office!” –  Jonathan H.

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