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Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic services a void in medical care, addressed from the perspective of a Family Medicine Physician. Our goal is to give people access to the integrated therapy of Medial Marijuana for their conditions, in a non-judgmental fashion backed by science.  We are able to do this through Florida State-approved programs and legal policy, all the while under the supervision of a trained doctor.  The providers at Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic will evaluate your condition through chart review and physical examination, help you navigate the ID Card process, and then guide your therapy through recommendations of various Cannabis products.  We strive to make the experience personal and without stigma, as we can understand each person’s journey through illness deserves respect, and we will maintain your dignity in a comforting style.

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What Our Patients Say About Our Care

“Very professional office. Staff was well informed and helpful. Dr.McCain is very knowledgeable and takes her time with patients. I would highly recommend Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic.”  

“The Hybrid 1:1 and the Indica drops has done wonders for me.  The very first night and every night since I have slept without any pain what so ever.”  

“ Thank you Dr. McCain. I appreciate all you’ve done. So far, MMJ has been a lifesaver for me.”

“… [She] has been able to reduce her oxycontin use by 1/3 and her oxycodone use by 3/4 since she started getting the medical cannabis.  This stuff is helping her tremendously in reducing her pain.”

“ I find I dont like the capsules as much as inhalation. I can control dosage much more effectively with inhalation. I wake up at night with neck or shoulder pain, two or three hits and I’m back to sleep. Haven’t taken a Xannnax since I have cannabis” 

“Thank you for taking the time to post all of the research. I had read the research and the healer website.”  

“your presentation to the FPCC was great…you covered a lot of information and did it well. Thank you

“wanted to check in with you regarding my medical marijuana experience thus far. It’s been an adventure. The dosing, choosing which strain of indica and sativa was best for me was a process …. [using]  RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) Vapor, 1:1 that is outstanding. No major head rush, good energy, slows down the anxiety, relaxes muscles but still allows me to function. For at night I’m using [brand name] (high/60% THC). I have cut my Ativan dose to 1.5 vs the 2mg I was taking. The major changes: I wake up looking forward to my day, instead of dreading it. I had NO appetite. I have one now, and I eat healthy. I’ve started cooking for myself and I’m enjoying it very much. I’ve taken an interest getting my house cleaned and organized… I have more compassion, for myself, and others.  I did a little experiment…I went almost 2 days without product. Everything negative started flooding back in…showed me that the products are WORKING  ?  Thanks again, Dr. McCain…I am most grateful to you.  If there is anything I can do for you, to help in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“The medical cannabis is working out great!! The combination of pills with vape is very effective. I have been experimenting with the strains and have found very different results with different combinations. But I am getting a lot of pain and stress relief and help with several other issues I have.”

“Its been amazing for my digestive issues. Nothing has worked in the past as I often wake in the night very ill. In day for help with migraines, additional pain control and spot or break thru pain I do micro doses, maybe a one count, of sativa or hybrid. Busier days I like the hybrid 1:1 ratio a lot a do a three count that. “

 ” I have tried pretty much all of the strains and have found very different effects and uses from all of them and dosing is very important. That is one.nice thing about.vaping I found. Bit easier to take in smaller doses and determine effects pretty quickly. It seems I have found a nice balance using the two. Really small doses edibles and then add needed vape blend on top depending on needs. Which is great for me because unfortunatley my medical problems are long and varied. Its really amazing how cannabis is now helping me with high blood pressure – immediate drop upon start, 7m long migraine – now 80 percent gone, muscle spasms, anxiety, night terrors, chronic pain….. Thank you so much! This is the best I have felt in a very long time! “

“ I was nerves to try a higher THC …because of what happened I stepped out and tried  “Sativa” its been working GOOD on calming my so happy to be taking somthing that isn’t causing rebounding issues… I THANK All of your HARD WORK please KEEP up the GOOD FIGHT… “

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