Updated July 1, 2023

Keeping an active Florida Medical Marijuana certification is a two-part process: recertification appointment and ID card renewal. Per state law, patients are required to see a physician every 7 months (210 days) for an evaluation appointment. ID cards are valid for one year, and the expiration date is printed on the card. Here are the details on renewing your Florida Medical Marijuana ID certification.

Renewal Appointments, Telehealth now allowed

We enter medical cannabis orders for the legal maximum allowed by Florida law – 210 days. This means that every 7 months, patients need to schedule an order renewal, or “re-certification,” appointment.

Per an update to Florida Law, effective 7/1/23 we are allowed to conduct re-certification exams by telehealth. Any patient that desires to renew their MMJ certification via telehealth only needs to contact our office to schedule. IMPORTANT: this DOES NOT APPLY to new certifications.

As always, in-office appointments are available for those that prefer.

Recertification appointments are a great time to work with our doctors, and medical staff, if you want to fine tune your medical use, have questions about products or dispensaries, and to learn about updates within our local Cannabis community.

We do not require additional visits in between 7-month follow-ups if patients feel Cannabis is working well. However, we are always here for anyone that’s having challenges in coordinating use and would like a consultation. As caring patient advocates, we’ll explore cannabis treatments together to find the best fit for you.

Our Recertification Appointment Price: $150
Consultation Appointment Price: $50

Check out our pricing page here.

Renewing Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Per the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU), to maintain an active medical cannabis identification dard, patients and caregivers must annually submit a renewal application. Renewal applications are available beginning 45 days prior to the expiration date printed on your card. You can renew your ID card online.

Step 1: Log into the registry: https://mmuregistry.flhealth.gov/
Step 2: On the registry menu, navigate to “YOUR CARD”

example of medical marijuana registry


example of medical marijuana ID Card renewal start

Step 4: Review Your Details. Your information will come up, such as name, DOB, address, etc. Check for accuracy.
Step 5: Your Photo. There are options to “supply your own photo” or “check state ID photo.”

example of photo upload for ID Card renewal

Checking the State ID Photo will scan Florida’s database for your driver’s license photo from the FLHSMV. Using this option will automatically approve the photo and may cut down on processing time. If you want to supply a photo, you have that option. Just keep in mind that 1) it has to be a passport-stye photo and 2) choosing this option may increase the processing time of your renewal.

Step 6: Proof of Residence. Again, you can easily click on “Check state residency status,” and Florida’s mainframe will import that data directly. You can also upload your own proof of residency document. Uploading your own document may increase the processing time of your application. In this case, remember that all forms of residency, the name and address on the document(s) provided, must match the name and address provided on the application.

Seasonal Residents, you can be approved. Click here for more information.

Step 7: Review, Submit, and Pay.
Florida Medical Marijuana ID card renewal fee is $75.00 plus a $2.75 convenience fee, bringing the total you’ll have to pay the state to $77.75.

The OMMU reports that, “online applications take an average of 10 business days for approval.”

You can download a PDF of the OMMU’s renewal application instructions. Download Now

Check the Status of Your Patient/Caregiver Application

Patients can check the status of their application in the same registry. Log in and click on “YOUR CARD.” There will be status icons on your application. Here are the icons and their meaning:

ID card renewal status

Can I Renew My Florida Medical Marijuana ID Card With Paper Application?

Certainly. You can do this renewal process through the mail. Just allow an additional 5 days. There are Patient and Caregiver Applications that can be downloaded and printed. Click here for more information and mailing address at the OMMU.

One important point to remember is that patients cannot submit a renewal application before the 45 days prior to the expiration date printed on your card.

Change, Replacement or Surrender Request. If you have an address change, a name change, lost your card, or want to surrender it, there is a form for this. Click here: https://knowthefactsmmj.com/wp-content/uploads/_documents/CRS-Request-Form.pdf