This is a guide on how to access the dispensable amount from your OMMU profile so that you can view your mg allotments available for purchase and your purchase history.

First, log in into your OMMU account at


Select “your profile.

Click on the “Expand” on the active certification.

Click on image to expand for a larger view.

mobile version of screen shot

Select the “Order type” you’re looking into

  • Smoking Marijuana= Flower
  • Medical Marijuana= Routes (Oral, edibles, topical, sublingual, inhalation)
  • Low- THC Cannabis= CBD Routes (Oral, edibles, topical, sublingual, inhalation)
order type screen shot for mobile screen size

Select the “Dispensable amount”

Dispensable Amount Screen Shot

Your screen should now look like this:

screen shot

The “Aggregate” page shows your purchase history. Your purchase history will determine when you can purchase the same amount again.


• 70-Day Marijuana Dispensation History: This amount is calculated as the sum of your total dispensation history over the past 70 days for all routes and is based on the dispensations made by the MMTC when you purchase marijuana.

Example: 22mg of topical was purchased on 01/15/2023. The amount of 22mg can be purchased again on 03/26/2023 (The day after the expiration date).

OMMU aggregate screen shot

You can select the route you are wanting to purchase to see how many milligrams you have available to you and when you can purchase again.

  • Example: There are 3,989mg available to purchase.
  • The dispensation history shows 211 milligrams have been purchased previously.
OMMU Access History Screen Shot